Friday, July 19, 2013

New York City Skyline

Today I got out of work early due to a barely functioning AC, which in turn made the office too hot to work in comfortably or sanely.  So instead of heading home to a cool place, I went to the Jersey City waterfront at Exchange Place and sketched downtown Manhattan.  I was aiming to have the drawing fit on one 11x14 sheet of bristol, but ended up using three.  Pictured above are the buildings south of the Goldman Sachs building.  The Freedom Tower is in there; a bit too short and incomplete.  I made a separate drawing of the Freedom Tower on the left which I'll finish and add into the final drawing.   I will probably redraw all this on one large sheet at some point in the near future.  It was a super relaxing, albeit HOT, drawing session.  There was a breeze that made the heat more bearable, but an annoying fly that has made multiple red, itchy marks on my legs.  


Alka said...

Yay, Nanu is back! This is really good. AWesome!

kp said...

I knew you were talented but this is amazing! Nice going, truly impressed!!!